Hi I'm Phil

I'm a Freelance Developer


I work mostly in Bournemouth, whilst hopping to and from Belfast, Northern Ireland (where I'm from). Before I started out building websites, chatbots and apps, I was working as a chef in the french alps.

Yep, you read that right. A pretty huge career change, but i pulled it off. I was cooking fine dishes by day, and learning to code and build sites initially for friends and colleagues by night. Having taken all of those learnings from the mountains, I packed the snowboard up, swapped my chef knives for coding tools and headed to Bournemouth where I’ve been now for a number of years.

Since I left working in the mountains, I have collaborated with some of Bournemouth’s most exciting start-ups, agencies and studios. In doing so, I have been fortunate enough to work next to some of the brightest tech minds the south has to offer, and i like to think some of their brilliance has rubbed off on me too.

My long running thought is that I have always wanted to go out on my own and work with a number of SME’s to help them bring to life their digital projects, websites and conversational chatbots that help them to stand out amongst the bigger brands.

Creative flair is something I have long since held, having worked as a chef and then latterly as a developer. So I have got a keen eye for those all important design touches that can help make a website stand out and engage its user base.

Whilst working as a Chef, I realised I have a strong passion for teaching people. I always found myself helping out any new members of staff and teaching them how to do certain dishes/techniques. This give me a huge sense of achievement/joy/pleasure.

When I was living in the Alps I had friends and family come out to visit me on holiday. It was great to see them and spend time with them. I always ended up being the snowboard / ski instructor for the week. It gave me such joy to share my knowledge and see their progression.

Learning to code has enabled me to combine the 2 passions I have in life, Learning everyday and sharing my knowledge with others.

If you are looking to get your business online or want to find out more on how you can add functionalit to an existing website yourself, get in touch! I'm be more than happy to help!

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