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4 Reasons To Find A Local Developer


In the last few decades an increasing amount people are doing their own thing and working for themselves.

Working for yourself, either by freelancing or starting your own business is very popular for fairly obvious reasons. One of the biggest positives of this trend is that it has never been easier to outsource any digital work. Twenty years ago, if you wanted to build or design a website, or rank higher on the search engines, you had to learn all the skills yourself.

Since it is now so easy to outsource many people will hire people from far eastern countries such as the Philippines, to act as their virtual assistants doing the routine tasks that they don’t have time for. When it comes to something as critical to your businesss as the running of your website though, it is beneficial to choose someone local.

You can meet your web designer in person

A key factor when hiring a developer to build your website! When hiring someone in your town, or at the very least the same country, you should try to talk to your web designer in person or at the very least on the phone. A meeting over a quick cup of coffee and perhaps a few sketches can be the difference between a web design you like and one you love. This is the best way of ensuring you get what you want and to make sure you and your web designer are on the same page.

No language barrier

While it may be slightly cheaper to go abroad for web design, the downsides are not worth it. You probably have some idea of what you want your website to look like when it’s finished. When there are difficulties in communication, important details can go missing or forgotten about, leaving you with a finished product that doesn’t meet your expectations.

No cultural differences

There are great differences in culture and people from country to country. This difference in culture leads to different tastes and preferences. A web designer from a different country will never be able to fully understand the nature of the people in your country. If your website is being built for a local business this is important. A local web designer will understand how your potential customers will think and feel.

Easy to get in contact

Best of all, if your website were to have any problems, all you would have to do is a quick call to your web designer and the problem should be fixed quickly. This is not a luxury that an outsider can provide. They may be on a different time zone for example.

If you’d like to get a quote for a website, whether it’s small changes or a whole new site, please feel free to contact me and we can discuss what you need and how much it’ll cost.

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